Whats Happening Over at ETWN and Trinity Broadcasting???


Fr. Manning and Love

Let the Truth Be Known

First we have Fr. Francis Mary taking leave to discern his vocation, because he apparently was getting to close to the mother of a family he was helping. He was part of ETWN “Life on the Rock”. Next we Fr. John Corapi accused by a disgruntled employee of womanizing, and using drugs. His order has since removed him from his priestly duties, and to its credit ETWN has yanked his shows. Finally there is the crazy case of Fr. Michael Manning of being sexually involved with his second cousin he is seen on Trinity Broadcasting.

All three of these priests could easily point to other sinners, but were unable to see the log in their own moral sight. Now I realize that we don’t live in a perfect world, or for that matter that the Church is not perfect, contrary to those who promote the idea of error free decisions.  But something definitely stinks at ETWN. What is the US Council of Catholic Bishops making of all this scandal.

The Bishops Council under Archbishop Dolan seems to not be aware of this scandal, or has chosen to ignore for fear of bringing more

Fr. Francis Mary scandal. Now where have we heard that before?

It is time that ETWN and Trinity Broadcasting clean up its own house. What if anything does  management plan to do about this developing scandal in its own backyards? Your guess is as good as mine. Where there is smoke there is usually a fire. Let’s pray that ETWN and Trinity will handle this outbreak of clerical heterosexual promiscuity with the same vigor they go after homosexual promiscuity.  Or are we witnessing ETWN’s and Trinity’s own home grown double standard when it comes to  enforcing moral values on others.

Bill Matt
Rainbow Sash Movement


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