Bishop Cordileone Twists the Facts on Marriage

Saying Something is True does not make it True

Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of Oakland said on June 28. “Making marriage law indifferent to the absence of either sex creates an institutional and cultural crisis with generational ramifications yet to be seen,”  Talk about alarmist language, and total void of any facts Bishop Cordileone needs modify his claims, that is unless he can prove them with some facts.

The Bishop than goes on to say “To eliminate marriage’s very essence – its essence as the union of husband and wife – from its legal definition is to ignore not only basic anthropology and biology but also the purpose of law generally.”

Not exactly, today, Catholics are allowed a civil divorce, but not remarriage. Catholicism traditionally relies on personal responsibility rather than on the secular state to maintain the sanctity of marriage. Now if the church accepts laws that permit divorce even though such legislation runs counter to the Catholic theology of marriage, why can’t it do the same in the face of a same gender marriage law? The Bishop remains silent on this issue.

Law is meant to uphold the common good, not undermine it, stated Bishop Cordileone, who currently heads the U.S. bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage. Tolerating secular laws that permit what Catholics see as sin does not compromise the faith. For more than a thousand years, Catholic theology allowed the secular state to legalize prostitution, which is clearly a sin. Augustine [De ordine 2.4] and Aquinas [ST 2-2.10.11 and 62.5.2] (both Doctors the church) argued that it was the lesser of evils to “contain” sexual evils than to run the risk of rape as an outlet to lust or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

He pointed to children as one group that will suffer the consequences of the vote, since their “basic right” to be raised by their mother and father ignored by the state. Just how clueless can this Bishop be? Study after study, have proven just the opposite. Bishop where is your proof of such a bizarre statement?

He went on to say “ as demonstrated in other states where marriage redefinition has occurred, officials there will be in a position to retaliate against those who continue to uphold these basic truths. This is a mark of a profoundly unjust law,”

The Rainbow Sash Movement continues to be mystified by such weird statements. The Bishop just lets the words roll of his tongue as though he does not have to justify what he is saying.Bishop . Cordileone like the New York  Conference of Catholic Bishops sound like children who have tantrum because they can’t have their way. The Bishops need to grow up, and learn how to communicate on an mature level. Saying something is true does not make it true.

Pam Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement


One Response to Bishop Cordileone Twists the Facts on Marriage

  1. jncasino says:

    God Bless Archbishop Cordilione for remaining faithful to Christ’s pronouncements and the Church’s immutable doctrines. We hope Archbishop Cordileone is someday elevated to Cardinal. May those who attack him be forgiven and find the Truth, for they know not what they do.

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