Irresponsible Religion and Pornography = homophobia

What do Religion and the lust aka pornography community have in common? In my opinion, both promote their brand of fantasy which is not based on any recognizable form of reality and is deadly for the Gay Community.

Both take note of the demise  of the gay sub culture as in its death throes rather than a evolutionary process being affected by many cultural currents that impacts directly on a  community whose sources has its roots in 60’s and 70’s. fondly remembered as the Stonewall era .

Yet what is happening with these two separate communities may be instructive for the broader society.

Both the Religious and Pornographic communities were responsive to extrinsic forces. While adherents in both communities would take issue with that observation. From a religious perspective all the fault can be laid at the feet of feminism. Some in religious communities see feminism as illustrative of the larger force shaping society and religion.

As for the Pornographic Community they wear the blinders of victim hood and dismiss the fact they ruin so many  young lives in their addictive film industry. Taking both young men and women in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s and discard them like garbage when they milked all their youth and energy and start to age. It might be added that the actors in their film industry do not make any contributions to their social security,  nor do they get other benefits such as medical benefits.

The religious community justifies discrimination in the name of God for gay and Straight people. For the Pope to say one day about Gay people “who am I to judge” and than the next day deny gay men ordination in the name of orthodoxy is just as injurious as what the pornography community do to young men and women in its film industry. It is a direct attack on their human dignity .

Neither  Community is healthy for the LGBTQ Community. Both are symptomatic of the endless quest for the youth culture that seems to be aligned with addiction, burn out, drug abuse  or suicide.

Sadly the gay media lacks the courage to address both issues on the same level.

John Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBTQ) Roman Catholics


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