LGBT Roman Catholics Condem the treatment of our Jewish sisters ad brothers at Creating Change Conference in Chicago

What recently happened in Chicago at the National LGBTQ Task Force   “Creating Change Conference” was a shame not only for the Task Force leadership, but also for the those organizations who endorsed this conference. That the Jewish Community participants were treated in such a irresponsible fashion, tells me that even in our own community the cancer of fascism is alive and well.

The Rainbow Sash Movement’s Board of Directors (LGBTQ) Roman Catholics, voted to publically condemn such behavior as out of step with the guiding principle of our movement, inclusion

We find such attacks on our Jewish brothers and sisters hard to understand regardless of what motivates such actions. We condemn them.  Simply put we believe it was an attempt to hijack the conference for sectarian political purposes. It is our hope that Task Force Leadership will publically condemn them also.

Contact Person:

Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement


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