Politics that Demonizes Humanity

We live a political time that is being shaped not by reason, but rather a general anger for big government, contempt for political correctness, and the use of language that seeks to divide rather than unit. This is a time of both hope and fear for our country.

These politicians would have you believe this is about being a Democrat, Republic, or Independent nothing could be farther from the truth. The Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Roman Catholics) believes our choice is simple life or death. Choose life!

Religion has only distorted, and heightened the lack of unity, and doing it in the name of religious liberty, something it must eventually bow its head and ask forgiveness for. Even the Little Sisters of the Poor have been dragged into this Circus of hate.

This division has done nothing for our national progress other than to bring our Congress to a standstill, and put on hold those efforts in our society to build up our national integrity, and forget those in our national landscape who are either the working poor, homeless, widowed, orphaned, or because of old age find themselves isolated, and not capable of taking care of their well being.

The only solutions offered to these situations are building walls on our southern borders, closing our borders to a immigrant populations whose religion are not Christian and thereby cutting off what has made us a great and compassionate nation in the past.

Even our own Catholic Bishops have done little to bridge the great divide. Their obsession with a few issues has locked them away from reason, blinded their vision to serve the poor and the outcast; putting these obsessions ahead of the needs of the poor and the outcast.

We are calling for prayer during this time, and a return to a healthy national discourse.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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