Synod on the Family ends

The Roman Catholic Synod on the family concludes itself this weekend. We have seen a brutalizing theological slugfest about the two hot button issues in the Church, and society, among the 270 bishops attending the conference. The idea that we are a unified Church without decisive fishers is in the past. The real struggle at the Synod on the family is the warfare between the Traditionalists and the Progressive Bishops. This has become a public slug fest that may have effects on the Church in the 21st Century..

Since the days of Vatican II the Traditionalist have ruled the roost: however, that has a possibility of changing giving the Progressive wing of the Church the upper hand. Don’t look for any change in Dogma, but look for a more focused discussion Pastoral Praxis. This may very well be the key of change at some point in the future.

I am very pleased with what is being reported about Archbishop Cupich resent comments, about gay couples. I would give both him and the Pope and the other Progressive Cardinals/Bishop a A plus on public relations.

An obvious sign of trouble came when the papal nuncio in Washington arranged for the Pope to meet Kim Davis The move has said to have embarrassed the Pope and scored a couple of points for the conservatives.

Another issue attracting a lot of attention is Cardinal Kasper’s proposal on the divorced and remarried Catholics. This like the question of homosexuality has got most of the African Bishops out of sorts. This is a real struggle between the third world church, and the Western Church. But I think both sides would agree world wide the family is in crisis.

According to Cardinal Burke, no friend of the LGBT Community, is “serious error” since it makes doctrine and pastoral practice appear to be in conflict with one another. In fact would not such a conflict tend to question the Church’s teaching on the homosexual person. Would this not be like a elephant given birth to a mice.

“The pastoral practice exists to help us to live the truths of the faith, to live the doctrine of the faith in our daily lives. You can’t have a conflict [between these],” said Burke in an interview with LifeSiteNews yesterday.

Mean while back in Chicago there may be good news for the Archdiocese Gay and Lesbian Outreach Ministry. Clearly Cupich’s recent statements have indicated he has made a healthy attempt to reach out and listen to LGBT Catholic Couples.

There is even some movement on the issue of ordaining women Deacons.

Let’s hope this Synod is not seen as a revolution in gestures and words, but not on substance. Now we must wait and see.

Joe Murray Executive Director Rainbow Sash Movement

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