A response to Mark Siegel Publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News

Mark Segal Are You a Roman Catholic?

I read your letter of invitation to the Pope, and like most media organizations you are alive with praises Pope Francis’s . My concern in writing this letter is to say that Pope Francis totally supports Church doctrine. No amount of good works will change that. I believe this is something that brings us to question whether you are a Roman Catholic.

I am sure the senior home that you would like the Pope to visit is a wonderful expression of good works, and certainly the Pope would be impressed by those good works, but being impressed by others good works is not necessarily a recipe for change in the Catholic Church dogmatic make up. Change will come to the Church only when LGBT Catholics and supporters learn to speak of their own Catholic experience, and come out of the closet within the Church.

A second point you also recently wrote a letter to the Pope about Archbishop Chaput’s style of leadership that appears to be out of step with the tone that is being set by Pope Francis. In that letter you indicated there were no demonstrations being planned for the Pope’s visit again a statement that is simply wrong. Various LGBT Catholic organizations are making plans as are women from the women priests’ movement. As matter of fact the women’s priests’ movements are having their conference just prior to the Pope’s visit.

We do not doubt your good intentions, but you should leave speaking up for the LGBT Movement in the Church to those who are active in that movement.


Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement

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