ETWN Promotes Homophobia in Prgramming

Eternal Word Network (ETWN) is promoting a hate filled program this Monday evening at 11PM Eastern Time. The Program is titled INVITED TO COURAGEOUS LOVE-THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND HOMOSEXUALITY. According to the programs promotional material Seven members of Courage share their personal stories about same-sex attraction and how they transformed their lives by understanding and embracing the freedom of chastity.

This is one of ETWN ways of promoting homophobia in a way that says homosexuals should stay in the closet within both society and the Church. Here we see a unique way the Cable Network is promoting homophobia through pious words. A rose is rose and all its pious words will not change that.

We at the Rainbow Sash Movement (Out LGBT Roman Catholics will be contacting the FCC to complain about ETWN’s abuse of public air ways from promoting hate against LGBT people. We encourage our supporters to do the same.

The nonsense that is being promoted by this cable network is share fabrication to promote is cervix orthodoxy. Our response to this type of lies is to speak our truth to authority. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by ETWN’s homophobic programming.

There is no difference between what Kim Davis did in denying LGBT couples marriages certificates, and what ETWN is promoting the end result is the same..

We challenge ETWN to have more balanced program that means having married LGBT couples on the program to speak for the vast amount of LGBT Roman Catholics in the Church. ETWN why are you afraid of the truth?

The Board of Directors, Rainbow Sash Movement

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