Homophobia, Pope Francis, and Pastorial Ministry

Dealing with Homophobia in the Church calls for courage, transparency, and a focus on the common good without such a focus any talk of a pastoral ministry will be seen as pious hot air. LGBT Catholic organizations can no longer only focus on their organizational agenda outside of the frame work of the common good if they are to be authentic Roman Catholics. What needs to take place in the Church is sincere reform.

In any such a discussion, neither the Human Rights Campaign Fund (HRC), and/or GLAAD should have no part.  If our voices are to be seen and understood as Catholic we must self identify as such and not be shackled by a political agendas.

If the papacy cannot bring itself to address the rampant homophobia that affects every element of its sacramental life of the Church; than the possibility of such a ministry existing must be challenged. Only through dialogue and transparency will such a ministry be able to come into being.

Ministry to LGBT Catholics must have a pastoral and not a dogmatic approach. Only by changing our tone on the subject of homophobia will such a ministry be taken seriously. The only question that needs to be answered by the hieratical leadership is the Church capable of seriously addressing a pastoral ministry to LGBT Catholics through dialogue and transparency.

The Pope and his Bishops must learn to listen to their LGBT sheep, and not be afraid to walk with us pastorally.

The Rainbow Sash Movement does not presume to know about the complexities of such a pastoral ministry. We rather think such deliberations need to be done with our priests, and hierarchal leadership. LGBT people both single and married must be part of that process if Church is to be taken seriously.

While we applaud President Obama White House for inviting a Gay Catholic  to meet the Pope, we are concerned that this meeting not be cosmetic, but rather pastoral.

LGBT Roman Catholic organizations cannot focus on what part they will play in such a dialogue rather they like the Bishops must learn to listen or we talking to ourselves. That is called a monologue not a dialogue.

Rainbow Sash Movement Board of Directors

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