The Catholic Church faces its Waterloo in the Irish Gay Marriage Vote

The Catholic Church faces its Waterloo in the Irish Gay Marriage Vote

Ireland has become for many an example of the many faults of the Roman Catholic Church. Its trending mentality show us that a focus on archaic dogmatic belief with it’s accompany focuses on obedience and not reason, show us that the Church has become totally irrelevant in today’s western world. So if you were paying attention to the Church’s relevance in Irish modern society their support of Gay Marriage was a for drawn conclusion.

The Irish vote also shows us how important our allies are. The LGBT Irish population is rather small: however, when you add supportive parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and so many other straight allies we become the majority. Yes even courageous clergy who would not go along with the Church’s opposition to Gay Marriage sparkled in this vote.

If the Church is realistic it will not turn its back on the need for true reform. While the Rainbow Sash Movements focus is on the need of the Church to be more inclusive, and less dogmatic not only in Ireland but in the rest Western sphere of influence change is the lifeline.

We understand that women have really bore the brunt of the Church’s backward thinking and this situation can no longer be tolerated either in the pews or in the leadership of the Church..

We call for the leadership of the Church to focus less on hierarchal authority and more on Jesus Christ’s Gospel value of love.

Certainly the Teaching Authority of the Church must be drawn into question if this is not the case. Such authority is useless if it is not based in the authority of the “Keys to Kingdom” to change and update our Catholic views.

The passage of Gay Marriage in Ireland is like a pebble thrown into pond whose ripple effects across the spectrum will even be more important than Gay Marriage. The Irish Challenge for the Church is to either engage in conversation with the world, and its own lay population, or to become a cult..

The Irish vote should challenge us in the U.S. Church to further engage our Church in open on honest dialogue when it comes to our values. Those values should be relevant to the people the Church claims to serve.

The Challenge now for the International Rainbow Sash Movement to challenge blind loyalty as the surest road to cultism.

US LGBT Catholics can no longer allow the Church’s homophobia and sexism to go unchallenged. Such a currency of both hypocrisy, and bigotry should be challenged by justice and compassion. The time for change is now.

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