Fortunate Families???

The present situation within the Church’s ministry to the homosexual person is in a shambles. I think all serious and reasonable people within the Church believe it is time for a much needed maturation on the issue.

Right now the only thing the Church offers LGBT Catholic’s is so called Ministries which either offer change therapy, something that is actively promoted by Courage. Or the promiscuous living out of one’s sexuality which appears to be the alternative to celibacy.

Than we have Catholic groups who proclaim their love of LGBT people such as Fortunate Families, but refuse to allow Gay Parents to serve on their board. Their rational for this surprising position is they lack resources to incorporate LGBT families. But their board has no problem meeting in Catholic facilities where they proclaim the homophobic Teaching of the Church, and then meet in other facilities and proclaim just the opposite.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is not so sure this speaking out of both sides of your mouth is helpful in creating a worthwhile and authentic ministry to LGBT People. The message gets confusing causing only pain for LGBT Catholics and confusion when they hear that Catholic Church welcomes gays to it. I do not doubt Fortunate Families good intentions, but one only has to view the level of Catholic LGBT Catholics being fired from their posts in Catholic educational and charitable organizations within the Church to understand how dangerous such a message is.

We believe any ministry that claims to promote Catholic values must understand that in the present day Church those values are easily set aside in the name of discrimination.

Bill O’Connor
Rainbow Sash Movement

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