LGBT Catholics Reach out to Catholic Bishops on Immigration


There is no argument between the democrats and the republicans concerning the US failed immigration policy. So it is with great surprise that the US Catholic Bishops are jumping into the national discussion with both compassion and reason. Not a word has been mentioned about their pelvic obsession. So it is somewhat surprising that Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM)/LGBT Catholics) is finding itself in complete agreement that we have a humanitarian crisis at the US border with Mexico.

We (RSM) believe that our LGBT political leadership should be more involved in this issue than they presently are. Attempts to work with the Catholic Bishops where we can should be attempted as long as they do not single out LGBT families for condemnation when it comes immigration.

The RSM is calling for The Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT national organizations to condemn the current effort by certain politicians in the US House of Representatives to bully and demonize children who are seeking asylum, and to aggressively support the Hispanic Congressional Caucus and the Catholic Bishops in their efforts to focus on the needs of these children.

Joe Murray, Executive Director of the RSM said certainly there is enough blame to go around. The Republicans are blaming Obama for the flood of children at the border. The Catholic Bishops on the other hand see multiple interrelated factors contributing to the crisis. Further according to Migration Relief Services According to MRS, “Some of these factors include: a lack of strong social institutions and civil society support, abuse in the family stemming from pressure on family units due to violence and family separation, a lack of viable economic and educational opportunities, and environmental factors affecting crop production.”

But according to a delegation of bishops that visited Central America in November, “one overriding factor has played a decisive and forceful role in recent years: generalized violence at the state and local levels and a corresponding breakdown of the rule of law have threatened citizen security and created a culture of fear and hopelessness.”

Murray further said it is time for us to reach out to both the Catholic Bishops and Hispanic Congressional Caucus and supporters of immagration reform. We should make it clear that our concern is both the needs and protection of these border children.

Mary Ann Murphy
Rainbow Sash Movement

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