Pope Francis Must Oppose Homophobia

The Rainbow Sash Movement must continue to speak out at the Roman Catholic Church’s position on LGBT people and their rights. We can no longer be content to stay silent while elements within the Church continue to promote homophobia under the banner of Church Teaching.

Within the Archdiocese of Chicago we continue to challenge the homophobia of Cardinal Francis George. His style of leadership has left this Archdiocese in ruin. His response to the clergy sexual abuse scandal is shameful and should be loudly condemned. He continues to oppose equal rights for the LGBT people and we pray for the day when he has retired his position so healing and reconciliation can begin.

We like many others in the Catholic Church are supporting the appointment of Archbishop Gregory of Atlanta to replace George. Gregory’s record reads like a road map to Catholic Social Teaching. We can longer promote homophobia in the guise Church Teaching. The Church must begin to teach tolerance and be realistic about the negative affect its Teaching has on the daily of lives LGBT people. This is why the Rainbow Sash Movement endorses the selection of Archbishop Gregory as the new Archbishop of Chicago.

Far too long many Catholics have turned their gaze away from Church sponsored homophobia. We are either all sons or daughters of God or none of us are. The unequalization of LGBT People within the Church calls out for reform. It is time for a new beginning where dialogue without any conditions can take place.

We call on Pope Francis to oppose all forms of homophobia especially as it has expressed itself in the African nations of Uganda and Kenya. The nice words must translate into acts of justice for LGBT People.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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