The Winds of Change are unrelenting

Is there any real difference between the Uganda’s Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Arizona Conference of Catholic Bishop when it comes to LGBT people? Both support legalized discrimination against LGBT people. Sadly the difference is to be found in degree rather than Gospel Values.

In the Case of Uganda the cultural hate is so deep, and encouraged sadly by our Catholic bishops that they have become blind to what the Church really teaches. Their place should be to stand with the marginalized and outcast. If they are going to proclaim marriage is between one and one women than they must proclaim with as much vigor that legalized discrimination is against Church Teaching.

Like the Uganda Bishops the Arizona Catholic Conference of Bishops is so obsessed with hate, that they have become blind to their own bigotry.

There is no doubt where Jesus would stand on legalized discrimination against the LGBT Community. Like the Bishops in Uganda the Bishops of Arizona cling to an ancient hate that is not based in Catholic Social Justice.

The Rainbow Sash Movement encourages Governor Brewer to veto this un American legislation, and in like manner we call on the Vatican to reign in these hateful Catholic Bishops whose only goal is to promote homophobia before the Gospel.

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