Russia and Nigeria Plant the Seeds of LGBT Genocide

As our focus turns to the Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi Russia we are reminded once again how homophobia can brutalize innocent people because of their difference. Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church like the Nigerian Catholic Conference of Bishops have declared war on the LGBT population in both Russia, and Nigeria.

The decision of the Nigerian Government to criminalize LGBT people for just existing will most certainly have violent ramifications by supporting the government’s actions they have moved from advisory to prohibition morality.

The Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) believes the Nigerian Bishops like the government of Nigeria and Russia are planting the seeds of genocide against the LGBT Community of that country. Will the world sit by and let this go unchallenged?

We have witnessed what such laws against LGBT people have brought on the LGBT Russian Community. The Law has sparked a banquet of hate, and violence against the Russian LGBT Community. Like the Catholic Bishops of the west they are fanning the flames of bigotry.

Differences of opinion are inevitable and even essential in a diversified nation. But too often, especially when it comes to the LGBT Community, a difference of opinions descends into hate and violence in these two nations and beyond.

We are calling on Pope Francis to use his moral authority to speak out against these genocidal attacks on an innocent community, and for him to challenge publicly the actions of the Nigerian Catholic Conference and Russian Orthodox Church for such a judgmental acts that will only promote hate and violence; something he has said he would not do.

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