Rosary for Gay Marriage Equality at Immaculate Conception Cathedral Springfield, Il after the Equality March October 22, 2013.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is organizing for the March on Springfield. We are encouraging Roman Catholics in the Parishes who support Marriage Equality to join us in Springfield so we can have loud Catholic Presence for Marriage Equality.

Currently there are many buses being organized for the March organizations such as Equality Illinois, The Civil Rights Agenda, and the Gay Liberation, and Windy City Times have charted buses for the trip. These buses are currently filling up. Oct 22 is quickly approaching. Talk to friends in your parishes to encourage their commitment to the Social Justice Teaching of the Church. This can be done either by  engaging in carpooling, or taking buses, or train to the Springfield March.

If you come from a specific parish you can title yourselves “Friends of (Name of the Parish or Parishes)” We encourage Roman Catholics to speak out on this issue your voices will mean so much to our equality effort.

Here are the March details: March October 22, at the Illinois State Capitol, at 10AM there will be a lobbying effort of state legislators, entertainment will begin at noon to 1PM. The Rally begins at 1PM and is scheduled to end at 2:30PM.  The March is scheduled to begin around the Capitol building at 2:30PM and end by 3:30PM.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling for silent prayer to begin 4:30PM just before the 5:15PM Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. A rosary for Marriage Equality will be said in silence. By standing up in the Cathedral you will indicate you are there to pray the rosary for Marriage Equality. Let us come together as a spiritual family in prayer after the March.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral is located at 524 E. Lawrence Avenue Springfield, Illinois 62703.

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