Joseph Bottum’s bows to the Rainbow Sash Movement

Racism like homophobia is wrong.

Racism like homophobia is wrong.

My Faith is strong, but the belief that a group of Bishops somehow promote that faith with their backward thinking has become very humorous to me. The fact that these same bishops that rail against same sex marriage refuse to do the same with contraception and divorce is the tragic consequence of homophobia.

Their position is that that these practices are offensive to the very nature of marriage, divorce and contraception which is inscribed in the nature of humanity. Yet the bishops only focus on Gay Marriage for their homophobic attacks.

Ask any in the orthodox wing of the Catholic faith why not approach divorce and contraception use with the same vigor as Gay Marriage and individuals such as Phil Lawler will tell you it is matter of public opinion. Even as I write this piece there is a debate developing in this wing of the  Church as to whether or not the debate on Gay Marriage is winnable.

There is a dispute boiling around the issue of numbers, and not dogma, on the fundamental human rights of the LGBT International Community. The Catholic Church much like the Orthodox Church in Russia would have their local skin heads deal with the homosexual problem. So much for the Gospel values of love your neighbor.

Recently Joseph Bottum’s much-discussed essay, The Things We Share: A Catholic’s Case for Same-Sex Marriage, seems to be stirring up a hornets nest among the Catholic Orthodox Community for daring to indicate the Catholic Church has lost the public argument on Gay Marriage. He contends in his rather lengthy article that Church in Nevada has become comfortable with the existence of prostitution because it recognizes that public opinion is not in their corner and that Bishops should move on and he tries to attach this logic to Gay Marriage.

Bottum is now one of the most talked-about figures on the American Catholic intellectual scene. The internet is buzzing with responses to his essay. The New York Times has announced, with ill-concealed delight, “A Conservative Catholic Now Backs Same-Sex Marriage”. He is in demand for interviews. Sales of his most recent book have increased; prospects for the next one are soaring. Whatever else one might say about it, the Commonweal piece was an undoubted commercial success.

Even Matthew Boudway another icon of the Catholic Orthodox world along with the editor of Catholic World News (CWN), operating on the internet, associate editor has added a Reply to Joseph Bottum’s conservative critics  That basically promotes the idea that Gay Marriage still can be defeated if the Church continues to publicly oppose it.

So it would appear that the illogical argument that these individuals are promoting against gay marriage  is even being debated among themselves. Like the Scopes Monkey trial logic not science or even religion will win the day.

The Rainbow Sash Movement’s (LGBT Catholics) position is very clear we encourage this type of discussion. We believe such a public debate is good for the Church, and indicates that the Bishops position is beginning to crumble before our eyes.

Bill O’Connor
Rainbow Sash Movement

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