Gay and Lesbian Catholic Groups disagree about the election of Pope Francis

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) is saddened by the response of some “Catholic” LGBT organizations that have rushed to judgment, and are seemingly in a race to cast the

Pope Francis_edited-2

Pope Francis a Hope for all Catholics

first disparaging remark against the new Pope. He has just been elected Pope, and should be given at least 3 months before such judgments are hurled. Let’s see what he does as Pope before we judge him. The job may redefine the man.

The Equally Blessed coalition seemingly won the day by labeling the Pope “hateful” within hours of Cardinal Bergoglio’s ascendance. In their statement about his past they neglected to point that he supported civil unions, and attended to people living with and dying from HIV.

“If he truly desires to share the Gospel with all people, Pope Francis will come to realize that many of those created in God’s image are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. It is our fervent hope and continuing prayer that Francis will break new ground in opening a conversation with LGBT people so that he may come to know a little about their experiences of God’s grace, mercy and love.

“We are mindful some of our new pope’s past writings will be profoundly discouraging to LGBT Catholics. During an unsuccessful campaign against marriage equality legislation in Argentina, he wrote things that, frankly, could be considered hateful, calling the legislation that authorized same-sex marriage “a machination of the Father of Lies. He also said adoption by same-sex parents was a form of discrimination against children. These are not statements worthy of a pope, or, for that matter, anyone in pastoral ministry.”

We realize that our Church has a rocky and homophobic history with the LGBT Community. But to deny the potential that Pope Francis brings to the Church is be unreasonable, out of touch with Catholics in the Pew and unreasonable.

The Rainbow Sash Movement has invited Equally Blessed to enter into dialogue with us in the past, we now reissue that call. Prudence dictates that we take a wait and see attitude. LGBT Catholics have every right to be hopeful that this new Pope will bring healing and reconciliation. To promote anything else at this juncture is reckless and irresponsible.

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