Gayest Conclave in History

The significance of this conclave cannot be underrated. The question on the minds of most Cardinals is the mess in the Vatican Bank, the Clean-up of the Roman Curia, and the clergy abuse scandal. The next Pope will be gay the only question reaming is will he come out of the closet after his election or not. To maintain another closeted papacy will only further undermine the integrity of healthy spirituality.

While many would like to see this conclave focus on Justice and Pastoral issues the focus seems to be on the Vatican’s current culture of dishonesty when it comes to who runs the Church, the curia or the Pope. The former only gets a sniff of disdain from Traditionalists.

The buffoonish grandstanding by some of the Cardinals only highlights what you should not be doing if you a serious papal candidate. Such candidates don’t understand in order to bring about reform you don’t have to get in the cage with the monkey’s all you have to do shake the cage. Such self-serving grandstanding does not reflect humility.

While Pope emeritus Benedict XVI took an historical step in resigning, the next Pope’s decision to come out of the closet will reflect a seismic shift in thinking. The issue of reform could than begin in earnest.

Bill Smart
Rainbow Sash Movement

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