Rainbow Sash Movement Calls for National Public Dialogue with Dignity and New Ways Ministry

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) is calling for a national public dialogue with Dignity and New Ways Ministry on moving from pews of our Church to streets of the LGBT Community. While Dignity has moved away from the parish life of our Church, New Ways Ministry focus seems to be conferences and seminars, the RSM has been moving into our Catholic parishes. Our call for dialogue is not about those strategies rather what more can be done in the face of Church sponsored homophobia and sexism.

The view from the LGBT Community is that Catholics need to step up to plate when it comes to public opposition to the war on LGBT Community directed by the Vatican. Or we need to leave the Church, and stop supporting such an organization that does harm to our community. Our opinion is that Integrity and gospel values call us to address these issues.

Dismissing these concerns out of hand will only call into question our leadership in both the Catholic Community and LGBT Community.

The RSM understands these to be difficult and complex issues from a spiritual perspective, but one we believe none the less needs to be addressed in an open, forthright and transparent manner. Our community deserves no less clearness and leadership from LGBT Catholic organizations, not more liturgical theater, incense, and bells.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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