Pope’s Resignation

LGBT Catholics today will be celebrating a major battle lost by forces of homophobia in Church headed by Benedict XVI. It would be insincere of us to have any other response in light of the bigotry he has directed at the World Wide LGBT Community.

The Roman Catholic Church is entering a dangerous period in its history not because of its frailties, rather because of the modernizing forces of the Internet age. These forces are removing from the Pope and his bishop’s the ability to control the conversation about those frailties in the public square.

It is now time for the Vatican to sincerely begin dealing with the present realities that face the world wide Church. The time of hiding behind the theater of liturgy, incense, bells and music rather than the justice that should flow from that Liturgy needs to come to an end.

Accommodating rather than challenging the various scandals that face the Church today has put the very purpose of the Church in question.

Under Pope Benedict XVI the cancer of scandal has been allowed to remove its focus from helping the poor in the name of greed, and power.

The next pope must be creative, communicative, collaborative, creation-centered, and a change agent. Community, collegiality, and compassion must be the guiding principles of his papacy.

He must focus on the unity of the Church.

Like Pope John XXIII the next Pope must be an active listener, and a servant Pope who stands against all forms of injustice directed at human dignity.

RSM Board of Directors

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