The Papacy in Disgrace

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are a “grave depravity” and “do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity”. Homosexuals themselves, however, should be “accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity”. How can reasonable people in the Catholic Church believe this? This approach is reflective of an attitude whose single aim is to harm the international LGBT community. It is time for the Church to have a mature and honest conversation about sexuality.

Pope Benedict XVI is 85, and came from liberal roots who morphed into a archconservative, made the battle against secularism a central part of his papacy and called gay marriage a threat to “human dignity and the future of humanity itself”.

In December, the pope welcomed Ugandan parliament speaker Rebecca Kadaga one of the Architects of a bill that called for the death penalty for gays. An example of how dangerous this teaching can be in the Church to promote extreme forms of homophobia.

All 117 Cardinals entering the conclave were either appointed by John Paul II, or Benedict XVI. The deck is clearly stacked. We have no illusions of the next Pope being supportive of our civil rights. The Rainbow Sash Movement position will continue to be to publically challenge homophobia in the Church.

Any Cardinal who has played a part in the cover-up of the clergy sexual abuse scandal should be refused admittance to the conclave. Allowing them to take part in the selection of the next pope will be viewed as further evidence of how out of touch these men have become concerning its reality in the Church, and their willingness to deal with it. It will also be a further example of how morally bankrupt the Magisterum has become.

Dan Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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