Rainbow Sash Movement: Chuck Hagel’s Nomination for Secretary of Defense is tearing at the LGBT Community

The LGBT Community is a much diversified community politically, socially, and religiously. No single individual or organization speaks for this community. The issue of Chuck Hagel’snomination is causing many in our community to challenge their view of Mr Hagel based in his past history and his recent apologies of that history, the issue for some is trust.

While there is a healthy conversation going in our community about this nomination we are troubled by MSNBC recent implication on the Chris Mathews show that the Gay Community is not involved in a soul searching reflection on this matter, but is solidly behind his nomination.

While the Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) has the highest respect for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) like us they are only part of the National LGBT Community, and can only speak for themselves in this matter. Others in the community will speak for themselves. The RSM has its own concerns about the Hagel nomination based on DOMA, and Gay Marriage both from a religious and legal point of view. But that is an ongoing internal conversation that may differ with other LGBT national organizations. MSNBC seemed to imply that there was solid LGBT unity behind the Hagle Nomination base on the Human Rights Campaign position.

This nomination is a difficult journey for our community. There is no LGBT party line on the Hagel nomination. Individuals and organization will have varying views on this nomination and they should not be demonized for opposing his nomination given Hagel’s history.

Rainbow Sash Movement Board of Directors

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