Poverity Can Be Solved

We live in one of the richest countries in the world that promotes institutionalized poverty from its college campuses to its national Charities through the halls of government. The Government rather than playing a part in attacking poverty as a threat to national security, maintains a bandage approach.

Our Christian Charities have become Band-Aids without any healing solutions. Poverty has become one of those sad places in our society where we point to its solution as being somewhere else than where it is.

Our health care system while sparkling for its research and miracle cures is awash with greed that only lends further substance to the national debt. Poverty has become sacred in our society because of its religious undertones.

It was after all Jesus Christ who said the poor you will always have with you, and perhaps this is one reason that Christian Churches are not seriously engaged in finding a solution. Even our Catholic Bishops cannot come together issuing any reasonable document that deals with this issue in terms of solutions.

So than what is the answer? Do we continue to give poverty a sacred space in our society with the love/ hate relationship, or do we become serious about it. I pray that President Obama will use his bully pulpit to speak out seriously about more than just managing poverty in this country.

Amos Justin
Rainbow Sash Movement

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