Gay/Lesbian Catholics Support Gay Marriage Outside of Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) supports a call for a demonstration outside of Holy Name Cathedral on February 10th, Sunday to begin at 10:30AM and continue through the 11AM Mass, by the Gay Liberation Network. The purpose of our presence outside of the Cathedral is to call for the passage of Illinois Gay Marriage legislation immediately.
It is our hope that not only will Roman Catholics who support marriage equality stand with us, but also those from other faith communities who are being directed by the Cardinal as to who they can and cannot marry in their houses of worship under the guidance of Roman Catholic Orthodoxy.

The Cardinal for his part will try to promote this as an issue of religious freedom, and equate our Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of worship with that of the former Soviet Union. The RSM would remind the Cardinal no police or National Guardsmen burst in to cart him off to Guantánamo. No churches have been invaded, locked, or razed; no priest has been forced to bless same-sex unions, nor have Catholic hospitals been compelled to perform abortions, or even to dispense a single condom.

Why is the Cardinal saying such preposterous things? Having lost much of his moral authority in the sexual-abuse scandal, he has staked what remains on fighting perceived threats to religious liberty.

Caught in a great historical transition in which church authority has eroded on every front, many conservative prelates exhibit an array of morbid symptoms: lurid fantasies of sexual pandemonium; paranoid delusions of cultural conspiracy and government persecution; and ugly outbursts of rage at a world they no longer understand, control, or can persuade.

Such as Bishop Daniel R. Jenky of Peoria, Illinois, who would have us believe the President Obama is leading Satan’s army. Or his claim that “the hatred of Hollywood, the malice of the media, and the mendacious wickedness of the abortion industry; are all aligned against the Church. How can any reasonable person take such rants as reasonable?

Our presence at the Cathedral should be understood as Catholics who supports gay marriage and look for its passage in the coming weeks. We categorically disagree with Cardinal George’s view that gay people are discounted when it comes to their rights simply because of their sexual orientation.

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