Rainbow Sash Movement responds to Cardinal Francis George’s pastoral on Gay Marriage.

As Gay Marriage gains momentum in our society across the board, we have an opportunity in early January in Illinois to come down on the right side of history, by supporting Marriage Equality.

Perhaps the loudest voices of opposition lately have been coming from the Catholic Conference of Illinois under the leadership of Cardinal Francis George of Chicago. It is not surprising to us that Vatican’s Christmas media blitz of bigotry is followed by this recent pastoral by Cardinal George.

Like the Pope the Cardinal seems to think that the family is threatened “to its foundations” by attempts to evolve marriage’s “true structure.” Marriage first and foremost has always been an expression of love. This is an example of why reasonable people cannot buy into the Cardinal George’s reasoning that LGBT people as “intrinsically disordered” and thus lesser, unauthentic human beings is seeking their exclusion from society and marriage by whatever means necessary. This has more do with personal biases than Church Teachings, or the promotion of the Gospels.

The Cardinal is seeking our exclusion from society; seeking to scapegoat us for society’s downfall by promoting blatant untruths about the nature of gay people and their relationships. This pastoral is the most recent example of an out of control person seeking to demean the Chicago LGBT Community by pejorative terms when earlier attempts have failed. Giving the timing of this pastoral one can see the paw prints of the Vatican all over it. It is a more localized media blitz of bigotry.

The Cardinal claims that based on the complementarity of the two sexes that the love of a man and a woman joined in a marital union is open to life, and that’s how families are created and society goes along. … It’s not in our doctrine. It’s not a matter of faith. It’s a matter of reason and understanding the way nature operates.”

This is certainly one of the options of marriage the others are adoption, or no children. Those decisions are in the hands of the respective married couple whatever sexual orientation they may be. Cardinal George speaks of marriage from purely sacramental platform, and that is his right; however, the state has the right to develop marriage from a legal perspective based on equality, fairness and the US Constitution.

Joe Murray the Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement said “he seems to be backing away from Scripture and church teachings to explain his resistance to Marriage Equality and places the whole debate under the mantle of reason and natural law. If he is sincere about this I once again challenge him to a public debate at any Catholic College in Illinois. I am not afraid of reason or natural law, but bigotry is another matter.

The Rainbow Sash Movement would encourage law makers in Illinois to allow for the options to all communities of faith to either perform LGBT marriage or not perform such ceremonies in their houses of worship.

It is time for Gay Marriage in Illinois.

Rainbow Sash Movement Board of Directors

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