Rainbow Sash Movement Challenges GLAAD on the Catholic Ex Gay Movement

The Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Roman Catholics) is disputing GLAAD’s claim that a National Roman Catholic Organization called “Courage”fully supported by US Conference of Catholic Bishops is not part of the ex-gay movement. In an article written by Ross Murray, Director of Religion, Faith and Values at GLAAD which appeared in the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (http://sdgln.com/news/2012/12/18/justice-scalia-prompts-inquiry-not-quite-ex-gay-group-courage) he appeared to agree with the Los Angeles Times op-ed written by Michael McGough on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent, and not-so-recent, comments about LGBT people, and the part the Scalia’s son a Roman Catholic priest played in “Courage”.

According to McGough op-ed “Courage is technically not one of those so-called “ex-gay” programs, although it would be easy to confuse it as one. Courage is a Roman Catholic program that encourages and promotes chastity for LGBT people. Think of it like an AA model. In fact, the “Twelve Steps of Courage” are adapted from the original twelve steps of AA.”
The Rainbow Sash Movement disagrees with both GLAAD and LA Times that “Courage” is not part of the Ex Gay Movement.
Father Harvey the founder of “Courage” in his book The Truth about Homosexuality: The Cry of the Faithful, Father Harvey described the development which took place in the apostolate, especially after the first annual national conference in 1989 he wrote “No longer would Courage be known as an organization concerned exclusively with sexual abstinence; now it would give serious consideration to encouraging individuals to move out of the condition itself’’
According to Cardinal Burke, keynote speaker at Courage’s last national convention held at St. Mary’s of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois Fr. Harvey “realized that the recognition of the disordered nature of the homosexual orientation and inclinations must, in time, at least, lead to the desire to correct one’s orientation, in accord with God’s plan, and to discipline and purify the inclinations.”
Joe Murray the Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement reached out the Ross Murray in an attempt to dialogue on this issue. While both had previous communication on others issues Joe was meet with silence.
Not only is GLAAD promoting a false idea of Courage in their recent article, but they are also promoting it on their web page. Certainly reasonableness would lead one to conclude that Courage’s two primary goals includes both chastity, and encouraging one to change their sexual orientation, and that Courage should be identified for what it is part and parcel of the Ex Gay Movement. From a LGBT Roman Catholic Perspective to do otherwise, in our opinion, is to put innocent LGBT Catholics in harm’s way.
It is the position of the Rainbow Sash Movement that GLAAD should be more prudent in addressing such issues in the LGBT Roman Catholic Community, and be open to reasonable input from elements of that community.
Paul Polanski Rainbow Sash Movement
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