A Cluless Pope on Twitter

The Pope has his own Twitter account now, but like so many sites the Church has tried to start on Social Media it clearly shows a misunderstanding of the purpose of social media. Many of these Catholic sites to include the Pope’s new twitter site seem to want to use the sites like parishes use their Sunday Bulletin. Missing on the Church’s understanding of social media is a lack of engagement with those who would access such sites. Communication is a two way street in this environment, and if you don’t want to engage at that level your are only spinning your wheels.

Social Media provides the Church leadership with a wonderful opportunity to engage the “Sense of the Faithful”. Look for the Pope’s new Twitter account to be another flash in the pan, and within in 3 weeks to month for it to be out of site out of mind.

The sad reality is no one is really listening to the Pope, or his bishops. They seem to be anchored to feudal roles as Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, and have forgotten their roles as Shepard’s.

Like the “Catholic Coming Home” project money will be sent on a useless program that is not grounded in reality. Listening is an important part of dialogue, until the Pope and his Bishops understand this nothing will change, and we will continue to see Catholics voting with their feet.

Rainbow Sash Movement News

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