Bigotry Should not be a Value in Our LGBT Faith communities

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes that there is no room for either bigotry or stealth prejudice in LGBT community of faith. We also believe that when such bigotry rears its ugly head in the name of community unity we must stand opposed to it. Currently there is an effort to bring together people of faith under the umbrella of Ecumenicalism in Washington DC this effort has actively boycotted LGBT Roman Catholic Participation by refusing to have a LGBT Catholic participation on their speakers panel. Apparently the group feels they can speak for LGBT Roman Catholics.

Our attempts at communication through their Facebook page have apparently fallen on deaf ears which has given us no other course of action than respond in a public manner.

The name of this group in DC is the “Post-Election Roundtable on LGBT Justice: A Faith Perspective”; if you want community unity you will have to walk the talk. Since this event is taking place today, 11/15/2012 it is our hope that going forward any such panel discussion that promotes itself as Ecumenical will not only include LGBT Roman Catholics, but  will also include our intra faith brothers and sisters also.


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