Open letter to HRC, GLAAD, and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Equally Blessed and HRC released separate reports on the Knights of Columbus; both appear to be saying the same thing. At first I like others thought this was a joint report, but apparently that is not the case.

It did not take a report to crystallize the part the Knights of Columbus played in this matter. If you are active in Roman Catholic parishes you understand this, and how much the Knights of Columbus, and the US Council of Catholic Bishops are tied at the hip when it comes to homophobia.

But unlike the Bishops the Knights of Columbus are dependent on the good will of the local parishes they are involved in. Missing from the report is any mention about the ability of the Knights to enlist new members, start new councils,  current membership is graying, and younger members of the parishes are not being attracted to membership.

With the closing and/or combining of parishes across the nation the numbers of the Knights are shrinking. Increasingly they are becoming dependent on their insurance business model headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for money to direct at their anti-Gay Marriage efforts.

In Washington, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota anti-Gay Marriage initiatives are currently on the ballot for the November 6th election to amend the various state constitutions to in shrine discrimination against LGBT People when it comes to marriage equality. Those with eyes can see the paw prints of the Knights of Columbus all over the place.

HRC, The Task Force, and GLAAD have religious round tables as part of their organizational make up, but there appears to be very little or no communication among themselves or with existing parish based organizations. The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on all three national organizations to join with us in responding to the Knights of Columbus. We are glad to see the report, but we believe that report calls for unified action. Will you join us?

Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Roman Catholics)
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