Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) responds to the Bigoted Comments of Archbishop Cordleone on DOMA ruling

Bigotry has no Shame

It was with great expectation that members of the Rainbow Sash Movement had waited to see if the newly elected Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco would live up to his promise in the name of  St. Francis of Assisi: ‘Francis, rebuild my house ‘. Cordileone instead of working for unity in the Church of San Francisco has brought the Hierarchal war on Gay Marriage to the Gay Capital of United States.

Cordileone also the chairman of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ subcommittee on marriage wasted no time responding to the recent court ruling on DOMA as “unjust and a great disappointment” the decision by a federal appeals court striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, which says marriage is a legal union of a man and a woman. In this statement Cordileone confused spiritual with the political authority, and once again has waded into the complex webs of hierarchal homophobia.

The Archbishop said further “It is a matter of basic rights — the right of every child to be welcomed and raised, as far as possible, by his or her mother and father together in a stable home,” he said. “Marriage is the only institution whereby a man and a woman unite for life and are united to any child born from their union.

“The public good demands that the unique meaning and purpose of marriage be respected in law and society, not rejected as beyond the constitutional pale.”

His statement was issued Oct. 19 about a 2-1 in response to a ruling handed down a day earlier by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, which said the federal marriage law was unconstitutional because it failed to give equal protection to New York spouses in same-sex marriages.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes the court ruling combined with Archbishop Cordileone bigoted response highlights too many in the Church that the time for reform has come, and that Cordileone was insincere in his promise to rebuild God’s House in San Francisco.

When bigotry can replace the love of Jesus Christ the supreme dignity of the Church is put at odds with the Gospel Values that same Church claims to promote. Cordileone appears only to represent privileges of the clerical bureaucracy intent on promoting its sense of mission over the sense of mission of the people of God and the Gospels.

Sue Murphy
Rainbow Sash Movement

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