Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) Takes on the Knights of Columbus

Charity does not excuse homophobia

Under the mantle of Charity the Knights of Columbus have had a free pass on the issue of anti-gay bigotry “We can no longer allow intolerance to go unchallenged” said Joe Murray the Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement. “We are calling on those members of the Knights of Columbus who feel this is beyond the scope of what the Knights were founded for to speak out. The Knights have contradicted their history in this effort” he said.

Murray also asked for a national Catholic Round table of organizations and individuals of both LGBT and straight Catholics to be formed to formulate an authentic Roman Catholic Response. Their purpose will be to organize the LGBT/Straight Roman Catholic Community at a parish level into a visible opposition to the scandalizing efforts by the Knights of Columbus to proclaim the Gospel Message in such a disordered manner?
To this end we have asked our members that belong to the Knights of Columbus in their respective parishes to form a unofficial LGBT/Straight Caucus within the Knights of Columbus to more directly engage the Knights of Columbus leadership on this issue. We are also calling on President Obama to join us in this boycott of bigotry, by not attending the Al Smith dinner this evening in New York on October 18, 2012, a major fundraiser for the Knights of Columbus.
We are also calling for a boycott of the Knights of Columbus to insure no more monies raised for the charity will be used to promote their anti-Gay Marriage Campaign in places like Maine and Minnesota. What is needed now is a massive response from LGBT/Straight Catholics from around the nation. The recent ruling on DOMA hopefully will encourage more Roman Catholics to speak out regardless of sexual orientation.
While we understand Human Rights Campaign Fund (HRC) need to respond to this situation we also hope they understand our need for a truly Roman Catholic response that is outside the influence secular national political LGBT organization. It is our hope that HRC and its allies will respect our presence
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