The Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) Challenges GLAAD to be more inclusive On Spirit Day – October 19th.

The Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) would like to ask GLAAD specifically why no national LGBT Catholic Organizations were approached to endorse their effort for “Spirit Day” on October 19, and more generally why other members of our Christian, Jewish, and Muslims LGBT faith communities seemed to be also ignored. Certainly the LGBT Faith Community is a key component in our community’s struggle against the bullying of LGBT Youth in our schools in particular and in our society more generally.

It is our hope that this was an oversight on the part of GLAAD not done with intention. But if an oversight what an oversight it is. Going forward it is our hope that the LGBT Community of Faith be at least a reference point in outreach for such events.

We can only speak for the Rainbow Sash Movement we completely endorse ‘going purple’ for Spirit Day on October 19 in a stand against bullying by showing our support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth, not only bullying, but the scourge of homelessness that is usually the natural component of such bullying.

The Rainbow Sash Movement will make sure our national network and allies are made aware of this event. Public Relations is important in promoting this event, but so is how you go about promoting such an event from an ethical perspective.

Rainbow Sash Movement News

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