The New Evangelization an excuse for poor leadership.

If you cannot listen how can you lead?

Many Synod fathers want to fault outside agents such as rampant secularism as the agent of dissent within the Church. However to claim others are at fault when it comes to the dwindling number of Catholics worldwide, is like blaming the clergy sexual abuse on the victims. Simply put the Bishops are putting the horse before the cart.

Rather than asking why Catholics are dismissing the Teaching Magisterium of the Church. They should be asking why the “Teaching Magisterium” of the Church is dismissing the “Sense of the Faithful.” The Rainbow Sash Movement is concerned that the issue of good theater in the Church’s Liturgy is more important than solid and non-hypocritical dogma which represents harmony between the Teaching Magisterium and “Sense of the Faithful. The reason for the Synod is built on a false premise that only the Magisterium of the Church has the answers to our present crisis in the Church.

The dissent in the Church has to do more with poor listening and the lack of good pastoral abilities of many of current Shepherd’s. It is clearly understood that when there is a lack of communication between the three pillars of the Church “The Teaching Magisterium”, “The Sense of the Faithful” and “Theological Community” there will be no unity.  This is true from a Vatican II perspective.

Some Bishops in the Church want to blame the development of cultural Catholicism and secularism rather than their own ability to put pastoral concerns on the same level of dogmatic concerns. The Bishops also are trying to promote a false idea that Catholics around the world don’t know or practice their faith. The result of the mass exit in the Church is because many Catholics do know their faith and practice it, but their leaders don’t. A prime example of this is the role the Pope and his bishops have played in a mass cover-up of the clergy sexual abuse scandal that seems to have no end in the Church.

Bishop Badejo of Nigeria said: “This can be done if we continually update homiletics and sacramental procedure with engaging art, language, idioms and imagery, which can better communicate their power and meaning,” the bishop said. So now the goal is mega church’s.

When we turn our gaze to Western Countries the Bishops want to blame the loss of Catholics on aggressive secularism and even atheism rather than their poor leadership as shepherds.  The fault is not with the proclamation of the Gospel; rather it is the way the hierarchy is doing it that turns people off. The Bishops have made us embarrassed to be Catholics both within the Church and the public square.

The idea of the new evangelization has its origin in Vatican II which was the real new evangelization that the Bishops have betrayed. It was this council that left the Catholic Church vital and alive able to influence the culture and to bring about the salvation of the world.

Why are people not heeding the call to mission? The Bishops have no one to blame but themselves. Will this be another lost opportunity to engage in a dialogue of Church realities rather than who should be in charge of the organization. I suspect not.

Bob Murphy
Rainbow Sash Movement

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