Vatican Synod a case study in denial.

Bishop’s Synod 2012

Bishops from all around the globe are descending on the Vatican for a Synod. These Bishops have been selected to attend not because of their pastoral abilities, but rather because of their ability to toe the line when it comes to dogma. High on the Synods agenda is how to stop the mass exodus of Catholics from the fold.

The Vatican believes that reform within in its own structures is not necessary;  all that is required is to promote the Catholic Catechism with a smile on your face. They call this approach the “New Evangelism.” Clearly they will not have the tools of humility to focus on their own short comings, and the role that they played in chasing people from the Church.

One of the major gapping wounds in the Church is the role these Bishops played in enabling and hiding sexual predators so as not to soil the reputation of the Church.

One of the goals of the Synod is to produce a working document on how to deal with mass exodus of Catholics in the Western World.

From a LGBT Catholic perspective the Church must reform itself from within and allow for the development of a theology of goodness as opposed to shame that it is presently directing at the LGBT international community and others.

Its work ultimately will lead to a delusional document produced by Pope Benedict XVI, who has frequently touted the importance of “new evangelization” and a smaller Church. Neither the Pope nor these Bishops will accept the part they have played in promoting a hostile Catholic Church to the World.

Look for this Synod to canalize their energies and direct them to harmony among themselves rather than face internal contradictions. Sadly they will continue to be completely chained and fettered to their marvelous self-delusions. They will remain captives of their fear, and blind to their own fear and lust for power and a case study in denial.

The Synod is comprised of 250 Bishops and will run through October 28, 2012.

Bob Murphy
Rainbow Sash Movement

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