The following statement was released today by Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement (a national organization of LGBT Catholics) Concerning Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus.

(San Francisco – RSM News 10/5/12) “The disrespectful treatment of Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, Episcopal Bishop of California and an invited guest for the installation of Archbishop-designate Salvatore Cordileone, was not allowed to be seated.  He was escorted to a basement room at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in San Francisco and detained by an usher until the time the service began, whereupon Bishop Andrus left the cathedral.

Many actions of our Roman Catholic Bishops over the years have shocked and shamed me. Beginning with the overall handling of the clergy sexual abuse of children, the open hostility directed our Catholic Sisters/Nuns, the public feeding frenzy of homophobia over Gay Marriage, and the ongoing war on both LGBT rights and women’s rights.

It is ironic that Archbishop Cordileone has been silent on this matter, and no attempt has been made to reach out to Bishop Andrus from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco. This is a perfect example of how extreme Cordileone can get when people in the interfaith community don’t agree with his judgments of LGBT in general and Gay Marriage in particular.

I would like to issue my profound apology for the rude manner in which this fundamentalist Roman Catholic Bishop has treated the Rt. Rev Marc Andrus Episcopal Bishop of San Francisco. I can assure you had the installation service taken place at Most Holy Redeemer a LGBT friendly Parish this incident would not have taken place. On behalf of the Rainbow Sash Movement please accept my sincerest apology for the disrespectful manner in which you were treated, and of a missed opportunity of building bridges of cooperation when it comes the poor and the illegal alien.

RSM News
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