Archbishop Cordileone Must be Challenged

Salvatore Cordileone will be installed as the new leader of Archdiocese of San Francisco on October 4th.  The Vatican’s appointment is perhaps the most symbolic act  to-date of its increasing isolation, by its episcopal leadership concerning the question of homosexuality.Archbishop Cordileone’s appointment represents the attitudes of increasingly homophobic voices in both the Vatican and US Conference of Catholic Bishops. While still a minority of the radical political right in the Church they  have bullied the moderate majority into silence.

Clearly the Vatican is losing the argument on the question of homosexuality in the public square. However, the effect of the Vatican’s teaching on the homosexual person is leaving some young people battling internal conflicts over the issue. The high level of bullying in our Catholic Schools has only lead to the numbers of young LGBT being at high risk for suicide.

The numbers of young gay and lesbian teenagers that are victims of homophobic bullying are highly conflicted. Exposing young minds to the Church’s Teaching on the homosexual person is problematic and hazardous to their mental health.

Hearing words like disorder, or evil used in relation to homosexual practice after making the discovery, and it is a discovery not a decision that they are LGBT, when they are teenagers; are faced with an appalling internal encounter.

Hearing such hateful public pronouncements from the episcopal leadership which promotes attitudes from parents, uncles, or aunts or even friends only drives these young people to a point of depression and suicide.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes with more debate, and better research the Roman Catholic Church is going to become increasingly isolated because of its attitude to homosexuality, and LGBT civil and human rights.

Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement said “only by challenging the “omerta,” the code of silence on the issue more and more young people will take their lives. Much like the clergy sexual abuse scandal silence only enables violence directed at innocent children in the name of God.”

He went on to say. “We are joining with other LGBT organizations in San Francisco and calling for a public response to the  installation of Archbishop. Cordileone on October 4. It is my hope that San Francisco’s Community leaders will insure these demonstrators right to free speech is not impaired by the San Francisco Police Department. If Archbishop Cordileone cannot be a respectful neighbor than he should be treated as such.”
Rainbow Sash Movement News
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