Gay Priest Vs. Cardinal Wuerl of DC and Archbishop Gomez of LA

Self Identification should not be a crime.

(Chicago, Illinois., Sep 24, 2012 – Rainbow Sash Movement News RSMN) RSMN recently reported that Fr. Joe Palacios cofounder of the “Catholics for Equality” a Washington DC based organization had been suspended from his priestly duties by both the Archdioceses of Los Angeles and .Washington, DC. In response to our story Fr. Palacios contacted RSMN with the following statement.

“I spent almost an hour on the phone with the National Catholic Register reporter explaining my rationale regarding gay rights in an overall Catholic human rights framework. None of the substance of the conversation has been reported. They wanted to do a hit piece on me and that’s what they did by using the word “suspended”. In fact, I have never been reprimanded by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles regarding my human rights work.  LifeSite news and the other outlets, particularly the National Catholic Register, have no real interest in reporting the facts– which I actually gave the Register. They are not journalists but sloppy ideologues reporting what they want. Fox News for Catholics.
The rightwing Catholic press is misrepresenting Archbishop Gomez and myself. We mutually agreed that I would go on “inactive status”. This is quite different than being “suspended” implying that there was a reprimand. In fact, the major reason for my going on inactive status is that I have a great amount of consulting work related to Latin America that I contractually committed myself to for the next three years that is directly related to my academic career. Because of that I cannot return to Los Angeles and have faculties. Furthermore, Cardinal Wuerl revoked my faculties in the Archdiocese of Washington because of my human rights work. Yes, that work is involved in this controversy. But the reality is that my academic work is the real reason for my inactive status. I prefer the word “retired,” particularly because I just celebrated my 25th anniversary of ordination.”
However, if what Fr. Palacios is reporting is correct: it is a sad commentary about the culture of ethics that Cardinal Wuerl is promoting in his Archdiocese. He is developing a reputation of using the fundamentalist Catholic media to discredit openly Gay Priests in the Archdiocese and beyond.
Both Archdiocese of DC and Los Angeles is known to have a high level of gay clergy. There is developing concern among the clergy that a witch hunt mentality is developing. Such behavior is below the Cardinal’s office and certainly reflects a paranoia that is overly occupied about Gay issues.
Allowing right wing Catholics to promote their political agenda over the issues of faith only highlights how clueless and removed these princes of the Church have become.
RSMN has reached out to both the Archdioceses of Los Angeles and Washington, DC for a comment and as of yet have not received a response from either.
Rainbow Sash Movement News


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