Ontario Catholic Bishops finally agrees with the Gay Rights Movement on bullying

No Room for Bigotry in Catholic Schools whatever the justification.

The Rainbow Sash Movement (Gay/Lesbian Catholics) applauds the Catholic Bishops of Ontario, Canada. We are glad that Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto said that parochial schools would comply. We believe this is the only mature and responsible response to the issue of bullying the Catholic Schools.

We are thankful that the Bishops of Ontario did not follow US Catholic Bishops such Cardinal Dolan of New York, and Cardinal Francis George of Chicago in refusing service to the poor if they did not get their way.

Catholics parents in the Archdiocese of Chicago are suing the Archdiocese for bullying their children, while teachers and the principle of the school turned a blind eye. The bullying was not based on sexual orientation but on being physically challenged highlighting the idea that the Archdiocese anti bullying practices were ineffective.

The opinion of the Ontario Bishops that the law is an affront to religious freedom is as meaningless as the US Bishops claiming the violation of religious freedom in the contraceptive debate. Both positions only highlight how out of touch the Bishops are when it comes to reasonableness. The Bishops are presently engaged, and losing on all fronts if one can believe the recent polls.

The Catholic Bishops of Ontario are rendering unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s.

They are not striking out at innocent bystanders like so many US Bishops have done when they find themselves on the losing end of a moral argument. No wonder many Roman Catholics view their hierarchies as only being viewed as ceremonial authorities, much like the Queen of England.

The Catholic Church must be forth right in its condemnation of bullying in schools in order to protect innocent children even if it brings scandal to the reputation of the Church. Both the Gay Rights Movement and the Ontario Catholic Bishops have the same agenda when it comes to Ontario’s Catholic School System.

Jack Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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