Cardinal Dolan and Donald Trump what do they have in common

Racism like homophobia is wrong.

Why are Donald Trump’s unbridled racist’s attacks on President Obama going unchallenged by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops? Specifically what is Cardinal Dolan’s relationship with Donald Trump this will become yet another source of embarrassment. The issue is a powder cage waiting to blow up in the Bishops face.

We have seen how bigots are afraid to come out into the public square and debate the issue in a reasonable fashion.  Cardinal Dolan was afraid to meet Joe Murray the Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement. When asked about the matter Joe Murray said “that Donald Trump like Cardinal Dolan only feels comfortable taking cheap shots at their opponents. Dolan wraps himself in religious authority, and Donald Trump wraps himself in wealth, both men lack the courage of their convictions when it comes to public debates.”

There should be no room for racist’s expressions in this presidential debate. We are calling on both Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to once and for all to put this birther issue to bed.

Bob Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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