Don’t Let the Light of Justice Go Out

Don’t Let the Light of Justice Go Out

NATO will meet this Sunday in Chicago.What if anything does the military have to do with the Gospels? One wonders if our priorities are confused. The NATO Summit represents militarism, and not the Prince of Peace.

Does capitalism promote selfishness in the face of poverty? Can a democracy even handle this broken economy? To see how broken our economy is one only needs to turn to the current Facebook feeding frenzy to understand how unbalanced wealth is in this country. The corporation will continue creating major profits, but how many jobs has it created? There are an estimated 3000 employees and those levels are not increasing at Facebook.

As Roman Catholics we are called to honor the preferential option for the poor both politically and culturally, and not to hide from that responsibility. The Rainbow Sash Movement is supporting the demonstrations in Chicago at the NATO meeting. We are calling on our fellow Catholics not to abandon the poor in the name of either military expansion, or profit.

Our call is to the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender community not to forget the poor among us, for a few political crumbs from both political parties’ tables.

Don’t forget what Stonewall was all about, some want to sanitize it in the name of politics. We are called to find justice amid the injustices of life we are living. The silence of those who stand by while these injustice continue are collaborators. Don’t let the light of justice go out in your heart it has lasted for so many years in our community, and don’t let anger tear us apart.

Robert Bloom
Rainbow Sash Movement

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