Catholic Bishops Vs. Birth Control

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What do Roman Catholic Catholics think about President Obama’s decision that would require Catholic-affiliated institutions to cover contraceptives and sterilization in their employee health care plans? Are Catholics in the pew concerned with this matter? Does the US Council of Catholic Bishops represent their views? Or has the contraception issue already been decided in the Catholic Church by dismissing both the views of the Papacy and the various national councils of Catholic Bishops World Wide?

I think many practicing Catholic are scratching their head in bewilderment over this matter. While the matter has been decided by the vast majority of Catholics both nationally and internationally the secular media wants to promote the idea the Catholic Bishops speak for the vast majority of Catholic Voters.

They bring the crazies out of the closet to promote their agenda. Since when has Bill Donohue of the Catholic League become the mouth piece of most reasonable Catholics? Or for that matter when has Cardinal elect, Archbishop Dolan of New York become the national spokesperson for Catholic Parishes he can’t even control his own Archdiocese around these cultural issues.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes that the Obama Administration has bent over backwards to listen to all parties concerned on this matter, and has come down on the side of women’s health as had many Catholics.

Clearly the US Council of Catholic Bishops does not represent the Catholic laity on this issue. They have been moved to a point of dismissiveness when it comes to the Bishops position on anything dealing with sexuality. For Catholics across the political spectrum in the Church the Bishops have become just another voice in the many voices that make up the Catholic Church.  Only when they hold themselves accountable for the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Church will they every be taken seriously on moral issues.

About 100 Catholic Bishops had letters read in their Churches this past week about this matter. Those letters were met with a collective yawn from the pews. This time next month the issue will have passed into clerical oblivion, and most Catholics will be focusing on Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

Pam Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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