FOX News Cheap Propaganda or devious exploitation?

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According to Fox News the Catholic Church is vowing to fight back against President Barack Obamaand the new health care law because they are convinced that a mandate requiring insurance plans to cover birth control infringes on their religious freedom. The Rainbow Sash Movement would like to challenge FOX News to be more balanced in covering this issue, and stop trying to politicize for presidential GOP Hopefuls. The Bishops are not representing the Catholic Church in this matter as most Catholics in the pew already understand.

Fox News apparently does not take the time to identify these parishes; if they did they would find out that these parishes also opposed the election of Barrack Obama. They were indeed a very small number of parishes and even smaller number of Catholics in the pew. The vast majority of Catholic Voters supported Barrack Obama. When it comes to Health Care the catholic Church has become the community of promotion.

So than what is the agenda here of Fox News? Are they trying to influence the ongoing discussion of this matter within the Catholic Church, or are they just promoting lies and half-truths like the Presidential GOP Candidates when it comes to economic issues and where the Catholic Church stands on those issues.

We find it troublesome that the Catholic Bishops are trying to use outside agencies to influence the current debate in the Catholic Church on the whole issue of President Obama’s Health Care Program. Overwhelmingly Catholics support this Health Care Program it is unfortunate the Fox News does not have the decency to even attempt balance on the coverage of this matter.

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