Rainbow Sash Movement Congratulates the Bishops of Washington State

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The Rainbow Sash Movement wishes to congratulate the three (3) Roman Catholic Bishops of Washington State for their silence on Gov. Christine Gregoire, a confirmed Catholic, for her stand supporting gay marriage. She follows in the footsteps of Governor Cuomo of New York, and Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois in aggressively pushing for marriage equality.

Unlike the Bishops of New York and Illinois the Bishops of Washington State appear to be fatigued arguing against reason and common sense.

We are also delighted that the Provincial General of the Jesuit Order has remained silent. This is the dawning of a new reality among part of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to take a more realistic approach to the changing attitudes of American Catholics on the matter of Gay Marriage.

While religious fringe elements in the state of Washington are trying to promote hysteria to their credit the Washington State Bishops have remained silent. The new reality is there are a number of churches who sanction same-sex marriages or look the other way regarding such ceremonies.

Both the Jesuit Provincial and the 3 Washington State bishops we believe realize that they are being placed under the spot light of shifting public opinion concerning the matter of Marriage Equality in the State of Washington. The Bishops are wisely choosing to sit out this gay marriage debate.
Wayne Wise
Rainbow Sash Movement
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