Open Letter Calls On Cardinal George to Appologize

Seek Forgiveness and Reconcilliation

The Christmas season for Roman Catholics is an opportunity to turn our focus to the birth of Jesus Christ. The Church has always taught us to continually reach out to find the many faces of Christ in our various Communities. This should be a season of joy, and hope for all peoples, and not a time to attack a vulnerable community.

Sadly Cardinal Francis George instead of focusing on the birth of Christ has become engaged in the politics of division. His recent word against the Gay and Lesbian Community are not the words of Christmas. I had hoped that the Cardinal would have used his appearance on Fox News with a more open spirit, and to promote the Christian message. The substance of our shared ancient faith is one thing, and the way it is presented is another.

Cardinal George clearly missed the mark of the Gospels of the season by promoting intolerance over tolerance. I call on him to set the example of the prodigal son, seek forgiveness and reconciliation. Eminence, it is time for you to apologize to the Gay and Lesbian Community for your mean-spirited words.

The words you used to describe the Gay and Lesbian Community as morphing into the KKK shows a complete lack of sensitivity, and reckless disregard of the Christmas message of love and hope. Your view only promotes the idea that you are locked in the deep freeze of intolerance which has no relevance to what the Sense of the Faithful are proclaiming in the World.

I also call on Cardinal George to return to the pastoral roots of our Church, and promote the Christian message for all, and to distance himself from the trappings of bigotry which only corrupts the Christmas message.

Merry Christmas

Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement

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