Rainbow Sash Movement Support’s ABC based on its Record

Press Release
Rainbow Sash Movement Support’s ABC based on its Record

Integrity Calls US to speak

The Rainbow Sash Movement calls for reasonableness from GLAAD and  HRC concerning ABC’s promotion of a new comedy sitcom named “Work It”. It stars Ben Koldyke (“How I Met Your Mother”) and Amaury Nolasco (“Prison Break”) as the cross-dressing buddies and comes from producers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen (“Friends,” “Rules of Engagement”). Framing this as a fight over the issue of transgender/transexual phobia is very misleading.

The show’s main characters lose their jobs as car salesmen, realize they’re caught in the so-called man-cession, and masquerade as women to land lucrative gigs at a pharmaceutical company. They learn some life lessons along with “how to walk in heels and tighten up with Spanx,” according to ABC’s production notes.

This is not an ABC Vs. GLAAD and HRC , nor is it a republican/Democratic issue, nor even a conservative/liberal issue. It truly is an issue between those who trust and respect transgender people, not those who do not. All parties involved have inclusion as their goal, not harm.

It is unconscionable that GLAAD and HRC would try to frame this issue as one of bigotry, and not difference in artistic taste. The Rainbow Sash Movement would agree that ABC is not a perfect Corporation, but what Corporation is? Walking the line of censorship is a fine line to walk. We do a disservice to both ABC and our community when our political correctness takes control of our common sense.
ABC does not shy away from keeping bigotry out of the bedroom and the board room. Whether they will air this new sitcom or not is their decision. Than members of the LGBT community can make their own decision. Not to treat our community in an adult fashion is to promote censorship on the LGBT Community. Perhaps what is needed in these difficult days is more humor.

ABC has a stellar reputation for its previous portrayals of gays, women, and transgender characters on such shows as “Modern Family,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Dancing With the Stars.” In both “Ugly Betty” and “Dirty Sexy Money,” transgender characters were part of the cast and stories.

We believe this is another example of a bi-coastal /beltway mentality jumping the gun when it comes to dealing with our friends and supporters in the nation’s artistic community. Inferring HRC and GLAAD speak for the full diversity of our community in this matter is problematic. We remind both HRC and GLAAD that they only speak for themselves in this matter as does the Rainbow Sash Movement.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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