Catholicism – Hate or Love

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The Rainbow Sash Movement believes the Catholic Faith is not rooted in homophobia, but rather in the Grace and Truth of God. What is the supreme dignity of the Roman Catholic Church? Or for that matter the glue that holds the Church together. Some in the Church would argue that it is the Papacy; others however would take issue with that claiming rather it is the Holy Spirit role to protect and guide the Church, and that the Spirits presence is to be found in the tension currently between the “Sense of the Faithful” and “Teaching Magisterium”.

Our Catholic Bishops are formed not so much on the movement of the Holy Spirit as they are with their own self-importance and their puffed up words that are a wound to both the Mystical Body of Christ, and Charity. They seem to be tangled in the web of politics and money in their attempt at moral rearmament, and have found allies in the Republican party that will wrap themselves in morality of anti-Gay Bigotry, and ignore the plight of the poor. The distinction between belief and bigotry has become blurred.

The bishops have become hyper anxious in their zeal to press forward for discrimination directed at the Gay and Lesbian Community, and have forgotten their role to be peace makers. For them the measure of authentic Catholicism has become blind obedience to animosity.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes the bishops must put away words that puff up vanity and wound charity and replace those words with the belief that all authority must be rooted in humble service, and not marks of status. We call on them to return to the table of persuasion to reclaim the spirit of Vatican II in standing opposed to the spirit of intolerance.

Jack Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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