Catholic Charities USA and the Salvation Army the New Face of Homophobia this Christmas?

Homophobia dims the light of Christmas

The Rainbow Sash Movement recognizes that both Catholic Charities USA across the nation has done and continues to do a wonderful job when it comes to helping those in need. Like the Salvation Army they enjoy public support in their efforts to promote Charity in the United States. However, the underbelly of both of these charitable organizations increasingly appears to be more concerned with promoting homophobia rather than working for God’s justice for all.

Many in our own community and more so in the broader community do not understand the impact poverty has on the LGBT Community. Many Lesbian and Gay families are struggling just to keep a roof over their head, and food on table. These families are facing foreclosures, job loss and increasingly are find their only options limited to living on the streets and/or in shelters. Like many other American families poverty has become a daily reality for them.

So when gay and lesbian families find that they have become confronted with these life changing situations, finding shelter and food for their families becomes a first priority. The last thing they need form Charitable organizations such as Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army is to be challenged with  homophobia when they seek assistance.

Both Charitable organizations insist that their respective religious beliefs on homosexuality take precedence when it comes to taking care of the poor who are LGBT. In certain cases refusing to give shelter to gay and lesbian couples unless they deny who they are, and break up.

Tragically we have seen how these charitable organizations promote homophobia over equality when it comes to serving the poor especially in the area of adoption and foster care of children.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling both of these organizations to honor the gay and lesbian face of Christ among the poor, and not us the issue of poverty as tool to discriminate against this vulnerable population.

We are also asking donors to these charitable organizations to exercise prudence when making their donations to insure they are not used to promote dogma over compassion when it comes to the poor.

Laura Moore
Rainbow Sash Movement

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