The Rainbow Sash Movement challenges Latino Bishops to be open to the many faces of Immigration

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The Rainbow Sash Movement believes that the time has arrived for a just immigration policy in the United States. More than 30 Latino bishops of the U.S. Roman Catholic church, including Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez, have released a joint letter directly addressing undocumented immigrants and renewing their pledge to work for immigration law reform. Sadly this document does not represent the many faces of immigration.

Archbishop Gomez while claiming to understand the plight of illegal immigrants refuses to acknowledge the difficulty of Gay and Lesbian families who are also affected by unjust immigration laws. Once again the Rainbow Sash Movement calls on the Catholic Hierarchy to recognize the dignity of all illegal and legal immigrants as children of God. Either the dignity of all immigrants is recognized, or the Bishops are once again playing the shell game of deceit by placing a narrowly defined dogma above the needs of both the illegal and legal immigrant.

The question these bishops must ask themselves will they be willing to sacrifice a just immigration policy, and in the end not support such a immigration policy because it includes Lesbian and Gay families. Catholic Bishops have a track record of promoting discrimination against LGBT.A recent example of this was when they closed down adoption/foster care facilities in Illinois, Boston, and Washington, DC connected with Catholic Charities because they were not allowed to discriminate against gay and lesbian adoptive parents.

We understand the difficulties of what we are asking of the Catholic Bishops. Inclusion can be at times a feeling of being a stranger in a strange land, none the less that is what the birth of Jesus Christ calls us to do. For the Bishops voice to be effective and prophetic on immigration policy they must be open to the needs the many faces immigration The focus must be on a just immigration policy, and no other agendas.

The Rainbow Sash Movement calls on the 30 Latino bishops to recognize the many faces of Christ among us especially in the struggle for a just conclusion to the plight of illegal and legal immigrants. To do anything less, in our opinion, is not to honor the many obstacles the Holy Family faced during this holy season of Advent..

Pat Gomez
Rainbow Sash Movement

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