US Conference of Catholic Bishops Appetite for Bigotry in the Spot Light

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The Catholic Bishops of the United States are on the fore front of the cause of Bigotry. Archbishop Dolan the President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops shows how clueless and out of touch the Bishops have become when it comes to the daily lives of Catholics.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have tried to frame the debate as a matter of “religious liberty.” The argument is that government should not force individual believers, or churches, to act against their consciences. In essence, it’s a case for choice and gay marriage — that sectarian dogma should not be imposed on the entire country.

In this season of Advent they have chosen not to light the candle of hope, and proclaim the Christmas message of love instead they fixate on pelvic issues, and throw theology, reason, and the poor out the window.

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) understands why Dolan refuses to meet Joe Murray RSM Executive Director in a public debate at any Catholic College in the US. Dolan’s leadership has lost the narrative of Jesus whose focus is on love of neighbor, and of God. He has more in common with Rick Perry than he does with Jesus. The alternatives he provides are clueless statements that are neither based in Catholic Tradition, or reason especially those made during the Gay Marriage debate in New York

Dolan recently created a new “Ad-Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty, to fight a whole series of church/state battles. They include the right of Catholic adoption and foster care agencies to refuse to serve same-sex couples, and opposition to a Supreme Court brief recently filed by the Justice Department seeking to erode a “ministerial exception” that allows religious groups to hire and fire in keeping with their faith.

It is the opinion of the Rainbow Sash Movement that Archbishop Dolan seems to have more knowledge about drinking, eating and baseball, than he does about theology. Moderation is not one of his appetites rather his constant whining and obsessing over bedroom theology is further reflection of his unhealthy fascination with what other people do sexually. If only he would show as much concern over what his priests do sexually with children, and hold those in the US Conference Catholic Bishops responsible for their strategy of cover up in this scandal, perhaps, people might be open to his appetite for bigotry.

Dolan once joked that if the Cardinals and Yankees played in the World Series, he would become the Big Apple’s “first pro-choice archbishop.” Most Catholic employers already provide coverage of sterilization and contraception, including drugs the church regards as forms of abortion. The message Dolan refuses to hear on this matter is he and his brother bishop’s leadership are being dismissed in the sexual conversation within the Church.

It is becoming painfully obvious that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is part of the problem when it comes to unity of the Church.

Our challenge is to continue to call on the Catholic Bishops to debate publically on these issues even though they want to hide in their chancery offices and ignore the call for reform in the Church

Bob Smith
Rainbow Sash Movement

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